Nominees for New Commission

As a follow-up to our press release, which is available on our website, the following is a list of names selected by coalition partners for the new commission.  We encourage coalition partners to engage leadership on the hill to select commission members from this list of nominees and others who have a deep knowlege, informed criticism, and who reflect the diversity of America.

Alan White 
Andrew Cuomo 
Bill Black 
Bob Kuttner 
Brooksley Born 
Chuck Cross 
Damon Silvers 
Dan Immergluck 
David Swinton 
Dean Baker 
Elizabeth Renuart 
Elizabeth Warren 
Ellen Seidman
Elliot Spitzer 
Frank Partnoy 
Gail Burks
Harvey Goldschmid 
Henry Cisneros 
Ira Rheingold 
James Caprero  
James D. Cox 
James Galbraith 
Jose Villareal 
Joseph Stiglitz 
Josh Rosner
Kathleen Keest
Ken Trujillo
Lynn E. Turner 
Margaret Simms 
Maria Echaveste 
Michael Greenberger 
Nandinee Kutty 
Neil Barofsky 
Nomi Prins 
Nouriel Roubini 
Patricia McCoy 
Patrick Fitzgerald 
Paul Sarbanes 
Prentiss Cox 
Richard Blumenthal 
Richard Bookstaber 
Richard Breeden 
Rob Johnson 
Roel Campos 
Ron Bloom 
Ruhi Maker
Simon Johnson 
Stanley Sporkin 
Stella Adams 
Ted Shaw 
Thomas M. Hoenig 
William Patterson 
Zephyr Teachout