Faith & Community Groups Ensure Financial Regulation Protects Everyday

NEWS ADVISORY: Media Briefing

Faith & Community Groups Ensure Financial Regulation Protects Everyday
Americans with Federal Reserve Meetings in Nine Cities

In an unprecedented outreach to public, Fed to meet with community groups;

Plan to meet with Chairman Bernanke this fall to review findings,

Following two unprecedented meetings between homeowners affected by
the foreclosure crisis and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, this summer
representatives from the Federal Reserve will hear directly from
everyday people in nine cities across the country about the impacts of
the financial crisis on their local communities. Findings will be
reported back to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in the fall.

Leaders from community groups will present research and data that
highlights the need for solutions that would ease the ongoing
foreclosure crisis and get good credit flowing back into hard-hit
communities.  Data and research will show how bad lending and
deregulation of financial industry, in addition to crippling the
nation’s economy, have negatively impacted cities and communities.

With Congress and the Administration determined to pass new
regulations of the financial industry, and the banking industry
continuing to wield tremendous power over Congress, the voices of
everyday people will be crucial to ensuring that new regulations
protect and enhance the lives of ordinary Americans.

Join National People’s Action, PICO National Network, and our special
guest, William Greider, to learn about the efforts of everyday people
to activate democracy by engaging decision-makers to work for the
American people, not just corporate interests. The meetings are part
of a national campaign to ensure that fairness and accountability are
part of our economic recovery.

WHAT:                        Webinar and conference call

WHEN:                        Tuesday, July 14th at 12pm CST/1pm EST/11am PST

WHO:                          George Goehl, National People’s Action

William Greider, Journalist, The Nation; Author, Come Home, America:
The Rise and Fall (and Redeeming Promise) of Our Country

Rev. Eugene Barnes, National People’s Action, Central Illinois
Organizing Project

Mary Rabon, PICO National Network, Communities Creating Opportunity

Jordan Estevao, Campaign Director, National People’s Action

HOW:                          To register for the call, email Andrea
Frye at or call 312-676-2818. Conference call
information and online meeting link will be sent via email.

Representatives from organizations hosting the Federal Reserve:

7/16:    Buffalo, NY: Harrison Watson, PUSH Buffalo

7/21:    Cincinnati, OH: Dave Sharpenburger, Working In Neighborhoods

8/1:      Kansas City, MO: Mary Rabon, Communities Creating Opportunity

8/15:    Decatur, IL:  Dawn Dannenbring, Central Illinois Organizing Project

8/22:    Des Moines, IA: Brenda LaBlanc, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

TBA:     New York City, NY: James Mumm, National People’s Action

            Chicago, IL: Leah Levinger, National People’s Action

            Brockton, MA: Carol Delorey, PICO National Network,
Brockton Interfaith Community

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