Sample Action Alert for Call-In Days

SUBJECT:  The Showdown Is On!  It’s Main Street vs. Wall Street

Dear x,

The Showdown has begun!  It’s Wall Street vs. Main Street – and we need YOU as we fight the big Wall Street banks to make sure the Senate stands with us!

The Senate is about to vote on financial reform.  The choice is simple:  will they stand with us, or with the big Wall Street banks that crashed our economy and cost us 8.2 million jobs, millions of homes, and trillions of dollars in lost savings?

Wall Street is spending $1.4 million per day to fight reform. Don’t let them win!  The stakes are too high:  call your Senators and tell them to stand with Main Street, not Wall Street!

Call (866) 544-7573 to be connected to your Senators.  It’s toll-free and only takes a second!

Tell your Senators what we need:

–         a consumer watchdog with teeth,

–         an end to the casino economy,

–         accountability for big Wall Street banks,

–         and no more taxpayer bailouts.

Click here for the phone number and more info about these talking points.  Make the call and then tell us how it goes!

Hundreds of thousands of us across the nation are making our message loud and clear.  It’s all part of the huge Showdown:  We’re rallying in the streets, calling and visiting the Senate, and signing the petition for reform.  (Click here to look for a financial reform event near you.)

It’s now or never, and the Senate must stand with us. Don’t let Wall Street win!  Call your Senators today!


Heather Booth

Director, AFR