Toolkit for National Senate Call-In Week

**Note: The toll-free number will remain active until March 12, so keep calling!**

Thanks for participating in National Senate Call-In Week, March 1-4, 2010.

The following tools may be useful to your organization during this effort.

Talking Points/Phone Script for Consumer Advocates

I am calling to urge you to hold firm for the strong, effective financial reform we need to hold the big banks accountable and prevent another financial crisis.

We need an independent CFPA. The consumer protection agency must not be placed in or made subordinate to financial regulators.  They got us into this mess by failing to stand up for consumers.

We need to end the casino economy. Derivatives need to be traded on open exchanges, and we can’t have loopholes that undermine the rules we are putting in place.

We cannot continue to allow ‘too big too fail’ institutions that play by ‘heads they win, tails we lose’ rules and rely on public bailouts. We need real limits on dangerous behavior like excessive leverage and speculation. And we need resolution authority that ensures that firms that do get in to trouble will be dissolved, not bailed out.

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