Field Toolkit: House, Senate, and Conference Materials

This page has been created as a document resource for the AFR Field team and coalition partners.

Documents will be updated and added on a regular basis.  Please contact Eileen Toback ( | 202/263-4553) with questions.


Click here for the US PIRG scorecard.

Top 10 Things About Financial Reform (fact sheet)

AFR Conference Priorities (as of May 27)

CFPA Comparison Chart (doc)

Credit Rating Agencies Comparison Chart (xls)

Derivatives Comparison Chart (doc)

Foreclosure Comparison Chart (doc)

Hedge Funds & Private Equity Comparison Chart (doc)

Investor Protection Comparison Chart (xls)

Systemic Risk Comparison Chart (xls)

Long Form – Whats in the bill (doc)

CRA FCIC Levin Hearing Quotes (doc)

Demos CRA Q&A (pdf)

Restoring American Financial Stability Act – S. 3217

Click here for text of bill.

Encourage local coalition groups to make the ask of their activists to leave a comment on the page. Top-rated comments get promoted to the main bill page and OpenCongress is the most-viewed government transparency site in the U.S., so they will contribute significantly to the broader public knowledge about the bill.


Cantwell 4086 Derivatives loophole fix summary

Oppose Enzi and Enzi-Shelby amendments to weaken the CFPA

Oppose Snowe-Pryor / Support Landrieu-Dodd-Kerry:

Letter from Main Street Alliance on impact on small businesses

South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce letter opposing Snowe-Pryor

US Women’s Chamber of Commerce letter opposing Snowe-Pryor

AFR letter opposing Snowe-Pryor, supporting Landrieu-Dodd

Conference calls

May 18 field update on amendments


Basic Issue Talking Points updated as of April 12 2010

Response to ANTI Financial Reform (Luntz) Memo

One Chance to Go On the Offensive (Mike Lux memo)

Big banks spending $1.4 million per day opposing reforms

Opposition/Chamber myths on financial reform

Conference Committee

AFR Issue Priorities- Updated May 27, 2010

General Materials about Senate Bill

Senate Overview

Comparision Chart v4

Campaign Defining Issues

Consumer Financial Protection Agency One Pager

CFPA one pager from White House

CFPA budget visual

No Carve-Outs for Auto Dealers

Auto Dealer Exemptions Myths & Facts

What an “independent” CFPA must include

Credit Rating Agencies One Pager

Derivatives One Pager

Investor Protection One Pager

Hedge Funds & Private Equity One Pager

Resolution Authority & Systemic Risk One Pager

Good and Bad (Pro/Con) of Senate Bill

Resolution for local/state governments

Polling data

  1. Arkansas:
  2. Maine:
  3. Massachusetts:
  4. Tennessee:
  5. Utah:
  6. National poll:

Constituency Group Messages

Financial Reform Plan Fights For African Americans

Financial Regulatory Plan Fights For Seniors

Financial reform for Latinos

Financial Reform Plan Fights For Latinos_SPANISH

Financial Reform will boost small businesses

Talking Points for Small Business on Financial Reform Plan

Fights For Rural Americans

Financial Regulatory Plan Fights For Women

Faith message on Senate  bill

Youth message on financial reform

Department of Defense in Support of Financial Reform

DoD Informal Survey ‘Data Call’ Summary

DOD Ltr to Rep. Miller re data call

Auto Dealers Targetting Troops – Senate Fact Sheet

Op Eds/LTE/Editorial Board Memos

New faith op-ed (Sojourners)

Faith op-ed (United Church of Christ / CRL)

Spanish language media

Sample Letters to Editor in support of CFPA (5 versions)

Preemption (CFPA) Op Ed

Shadow Markets Sample Op Ed

For Elected Official Use – Op-Ed comparing need for Consumer Product Safety to CFPA

Op Ed on CFPA re Lax Regulators

House Bill (H.R. 4173)

HR 4173 Summary

AFR HR 4173 All Votes

Administrative & About AFR

AFR State Contact List AFR Updated as of Apr19

AFR One Pager ‘Who We Are’ Updated Feb 2010

Coalition members list (as of 5/10)

Non coordination legal summary memo

Financial reform calendar (as of Apr 15)

AFR logo: