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AFR in the News: Maine robo-signing scandal resurfaces with Treasury nomination (Portland Press-Herald)

“‘Steve Mnuchin said his bank did not robo-sign. Now we have yet another round of evidence that it did,” said Lisa Donner, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform. ‘The public deserves clear answers, and all senators should be demanding them. We do not need, and they should not support, a Treasury Secretary who thinks the rules do not apply to himself or to his partners on Wall Street.’”

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AFR in the News: The Billionaire Banker in The Shadows (Forbes)

“In a stroke of brilliant financial maneuvering Lone Star bundled some of the mortgages into bonds and sold them to investors, immediately booking large profits… ‘Lone Star has bought these loans at a discount from the government–-in effect, they got principal reduction. But they are not passing this benefit on to homeowners or communities,’ says Lisa Donner, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform.

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Joint Press Release: Mayors from 18 Cities Call for an End to Fire Sales of Distressed Housing Assets to Wall Street Speculators

Following the release of a report by the Center for Popular Democracy and the ACCE Institute detailing sales of troubled mortgages to faulty players, mayors from across the country are calling for mortgage owners and holders to prioritize the sale of troubled mortgages to good actors who can help homeowners struggling in the aftermath of the crisis.