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Letters to Regulators: AFR commented on a proposal that would cut the minimum required leverage ratio at the largest U.S. banks.
June 26, 2018 – 11:32 am

Americans for Financial Reform sent a letter to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to comment on a proposal that would reduce the minimum leverage ratio …

AFR in the News: Fed votes to scale back hated ‘Volcker Rule’ on Wall Street (NY Post)
June 4, 2018 – 10:20 am

“’What is critical is that simplification not undermine the core principle at stake — that taxpayer-supported banking groups, of any size, not participate in proprietary trading at odds with the basic public and customers’ interests,’ Paul Volcker said in a statement…

‘This proposal is no minor set of technical tweaks to the Volcker Rule, but an attempt to unravel fundamental elements of the response to the 2008 financial crisis, when banks financed their gambling with taxpayer-insured deposits,’ said Marcus Stanley, policy director at Americans for Financial Reform.”

Letters to Regulators: AFR submitted a comment on new Federal Reserve rating system for large institutions
February 16, 2018 – 10:10 am

AFR sent a comment letter to the Federal Reserve Board on the proposed new rating system for supervision of large financial institutions.

Letter to Regulators: AFR Urges Federal Reserve to Maintain and Expand Accountability for Bank Boards of Directors
October 11, 2017 – 12:28 pm

AFR sent a comment letter to the Federal Reserve Board urging them to modify proposed rules that would reduce accountability for bank Boards of Directors, and also to examine further changes that would expand such …