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AFR in the News: Report Finds More than $5 Million Spent in NY’s 19th CD by Hedge Fund Managers (Time-Warner Cable News)

“A new report released this week by the HedgeClippers campaign shows just how much money is being spent in [the 19th] district by hedge fund managers… $5.5 million [to protect] the carried-interest loophole. ‘[Q]uite often when you have a lot of money coming in from Wall Street… people vote in lockstep with what Wall Street wants,’” says Alexis Goldstein, Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform.

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Press Release: New Tool for Tracking Congressional Votes on Wall Street Regulation

This new report from the AFR Advocacy Fund can help journalists, advocates, and others understand how Congress as a whole, and individual lawmakers, have voted over the past two years on issues related to oversight of banks and the financial system. The report tracks more than 70 bills, amendments, and resolutions that presented House members and Senators with choices about protecting investors, consumers, or borrowers or strengthening the stability, transparency, or accountability of the financial sector.

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AFR in the News: Introducing the new sheriff of Wall Street (Financial Times)

“The bad news, for Ms Warren’s supporters, is that new laws will be hard to pass. The good news is that the existing laws, including Dodd-Frank and the SEC’s governing legislation, already give future appointees all the authority they will need. What they do not believe they need is Wall Street experience. Marcus Stanley, policy director of the union-backed Americans for Financial Reform, the investor group, speaks for many progressives in stating: ‘We are reversing the status quo of many decades.’”

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Joint Statement: Democratic Platform Calls for Strong Steps to Curb Revolving Door Abuses

“The financial crisis of 2008 exposed glaring weaknesses not only in the regulations governing Wall Street, but in the institutions charged with writing and enforcing them. It is good news that the Democratic platform includes language highlighting the revolving door and affirming a set of concrete steps to deal with aspects of this problem. It is of the utmost importance that any next president appoint regulators who are willing to stand up to Wall Street in order to stand up for the rest of us,” said Lisa Donner, director of Americans for Financial Reform.”

AFR Statement: Financial deregulation is House majority’s answer to all problems

“Speaker Ryan’s plan to ‘Grow the Economy’ would roll back consumer protections affecting everything from subprime mortgages to payday loans, empower Wall Street lawyers to overturn financial regulatory rules in dozens of new ways, and eliminate post-crisis regulatory powers to control risks at the giant ‘too big to fail’ institutions that dominate Wall Street.”

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AFR Statement: Hensarling Plan Would Dramatically Weaken Financial Regulation

“[T]his plan doesn’t get tough on banks; it gets tough on the regulators policing them. It would dramatically weaken their ability to do their jobs, and make it correspondingly easier for Wall Street banks, shadow banks, and lending companies to profit by ripping off consumers and engaging in reckless and dangerous short term speculation, rather than by providing loans, capital, and financial services on fair and transparent terms.”