Elizabeth Warren in the News

Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential appointment to help set up and manage the Consumer Financial Protection Agency has been widely covered in the news, including in the articles below.   The final two articles here includes quotes from representatives of Americans for Financial Reform.

Warren:  A Huge Win –  Robert Kuttner

The early Administration leaks about Elizabeth Warren serving as an “interim” appointee to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were equivocal. more . . .

A Home Run For Our Side – Mike Lux

I have beaten up on the Obama White House enough that I’m no longer very welcome by many of the top staffers there, and on no issue have I been tougher on them than on their policies regarding dealing with the biggest banks and the TARP program. more . . .

Elizabeth Warren: The Right Appointment At The Right Time – Simon Johnson

The case for appointing Elizabeth Warren to set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was, at the end of the day, overwhelming. – more

Some Skepticism About Obama’s Plan for Consumer Post – New York Times

What Elizabeth Warren Would Do as Obama’s Assistant – Consumer Reports