CT Working Families to Dodd: Support Elizabeth Warren

Connecticut Working Families recently wrote to Senator Dodd, asking him to support Elizabeth Warren as CFPB Director.

As you well know, ensuring that these new regulations are aggressively and effectively enforced depends on having the right people in leadership positions in all of the relevant regulatory agencies. This is especially true for the new Consumer Financial Protections Bureau. This new regulatory arm must quickly demonstrate competence, independence, and clarity of purpose.

We can think of no person more qualified for this role than Elizabeth Warren. We are writing to urge you to endorse and support Professor Warren for this position with the same tenacity with which you lead the fight for the Wall Street reform legislation.

Professor Warren’s qualifications are well known to you and to everyone who has followed the issue of financial reform. She is universally recognized for her wide-ranging knowledge of consumer financial products and practices, her extraordinary communication skills, and her profound commitment to ensuring that financial products and services are transparent, reasonably priced, and beneficial to consumers.

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