AFR Mentioned in Boston Globe Op-Ed: Countervailing Power

Americans for Financial Reform was recently mentioned in a Boston Globe Op-Ed by Robert Kuttner.  The piece talks about the need for citizens to stand up to lobbyists and other corporate powerhouses, from big banks to big oil.

More than half a century ago, the late economist John Kenneth Galbraith coined an important concept — “countervailing power.’’ Big business, Galbraith observed, had immense economic influence. But countervailing forces such as the trade union movement or activist citizens groups could neutralize that economic power by harnessing government to keep business’s less savory tendencies from overpowering its benign ones.

But that was then. Despite a seemingly formidable environmentalist movement, the oil industry overwhelmed its regulators. Americans for Financial Reform, the coalition of consumer groups pushing for better banking regulation, is outspent by Wall Street lobbyists by at least 100 to one.

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