Protesting for Financial Reform in Denver

Activists in Denver, CO joined in with nationwide protests in support of financial reform yesterday.  Here’s a report on their actions from the Denver Daily News:

A coalition of protesters — several dressed in hazmat gear and respirators —rallied yesterday in front of the downtown Denver Wells Fargo Bank to send the message that “toxic Wall Street banks are poisoning Main Street!”

“We are shortsighted and they counts on that, so just the fact that they caved (Wednesday) to move this to the Senate floor, they’re going to think…we’re not going to stay with it,” said T.A. Taylor-Hunt, director of Coloradans for Financial Reform. “But we have got to stay with this, because if we don’t…we could have a repeat of the overall economic crisis.”

The protesters who gathered at the Wells Fargo Bank located at 17th and Broadway remained furious with the way they believe banks behaved both before and during the economic crisis. Last year, as almost 208,500 Coloradans were on the unemployment rolls, the six largest banks gave $160 billion in pay and bonuses to the executives “whose greed and recklessness did so much to cause our current financial crisis,” according to a press release from Coloradans for Financial Reform.

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(Photo: Denver Daily News)