Huffington Post: Retirements and the Establishment

A recent article by Mike Lux of  the Huffington Post mentioned AFR in connection with Senator Dodd’s retirement announcement and the upcoming Senate debate on financial reform.  You can read the full article here; the excerpt referring to AFR is copied below.

The movement against the banks is building and growing. On May 6th of last year, I wrote a piece about what would need to happen to take on the power of the big banks. I listed six ideas, the first of which — creating a new coalition to take on financial reform issues — happened in the weeks after my article with the formation of Americans for Financial Reform. The middle four ideas are all being worked on to one degree or another — progressives coming up with an economic Plan B to the one we care on now, working to get public financing of campaigns passed, encouraging investigative journalism in the banking arena, progressives forming more alliances with independent community bankers.