What Caused the Crisis at AIG?

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US Taxpayers spent $180 billion to bail out AIG – and bought an 80% stake in the company in the process.  Sign the open letter to AIG here!

As taxpayers and majority shareholders in AIG, we ask that you immediately release all emails, internal accounting documents and financial models generated by the company over the last decade.  It is only through an “open source” investigation that we will get the answers we need to cricital questions like:

  • Who knew what, and when?
  • Who benefited, an by exactly how much?
  • Did AIG alert their counterparties, including Goldman Sachs, along with regulators and shareholders to the impending calamity?
  • How did AIG justify huge bonuses to its officers, even though the company did not have the loss reserves it needed?
  • What did regulators do with the information they had?

Without understanding what happened we will have no chance to create reforms that will produce a sound financial market that will suport the larger econmy.

The American people own AIG.  We own those emails.  We have a right to see them.

Sign the letter here!