“Joy to the Banks” and Other Carols

Marcel030NL christmas carolersThis holiday season, sing your displeasure with big banks and the  way they wrecked the economy by joining in with these Bailout Carols (pdf) thanks to our friends at National People’s Action.  They’ve put together a few songs that reflect consumers’ displeasure with being left in the cold while the banks got bailed out and their executives landed hefty bonuses.  Here’s a sample of one modified holiday tune:

Joy to the Banks (to the tune of Joy to the World)

Joy to the banks, the crash has come, the Feds reward their sins!
Foreclosure on each home, give bankers all the loans
and Goldman always wins, and Goldman always wins,
and Goldman, and Goldman, and Goldman wins.

Grab your fellow singers and show the banks how you’re “celebrating” this season.  Then, visit our friends at SEIU and vote on how you’d rather spend Wall Street’s 2009 bonuses.

(Photo: Marcel030NL)