Activists Tell American Bankers Association, “Enough is Enough!”

Chicago Showdown

CS Cut Outs

It was a Showdown in Chicago!

Organized by National People’s Action, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and a coalition of organizations from across the nation, thousands of people fed-up with outrageous bank fees, sky-rocketing credit card interest rates, and a shameful national foreclosure rate that translates into one family losing their home every 13 seconds in America, came to Chicago for the largest taxpayer mobilization since the economic crisis began to greet the American Bankers Association.

In Chicago and cities across the nation, we made the demand of banks to stop spending millions in taxpayer dollars to lobby against reforms that would protect Americans from the next economic crisis.

From New York to California, Montana to Florida, and Massachusetts to Ohio – all across the country, people stood up to banks saying, “Enough is Enough!”

Below, watch “The Faces of the Showdown in Chicago.”

Here is just a sampling of the press from the event and national day of action: