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Americans for Financial Reform has been fighting for over a year to fix our economy, protect consumers, and prevent another economic meltdown.  Now, we’re turning our attention to getting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau off to the powerful start it needs by supporting Professor Elizabeth Warren as its first Director.  But we can’t do it alone. Click here to donate.

Elizabeth Warren is a champion for the middle class, and for fair dealing.   She has the experience, the depth of knowledge, the breadth of understanding and the toughness to take on this job.  She will be just what we need to set the standard on implementation of the Wall Street Reform Act, to ensure there is real consumer financial protection, and to stand up to the big banks and special interests when they demand privileged treatment ~Heather Booth, Director of AFR

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All funds raised will be put toward running this campaign and supporting Elizabeth Warren for Director of the CFPB.

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We want to continue to wage this campaign with the toughness and tenacity that we brought to the fight for financial reform.  It won’t be easy; our funds are limited and we have the big banks fighting against us every step of the way.  Click here to join the fight and help us out.

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(Note: donations on Paypal are being made through our partners at Americans for Fairness in Lending, and all proceeds will go to AFR.)