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Vote No on Revised Adler Amendment

November 3, 2009 Don’t Be Fooled: Revised Adler SOX 404 Amendment Is Bad for Investors and Bad for the Economy Dear House Financial Services Committee Member: We understand that Congressman Adler plans to offer a revised amendment to weaken protections against accounting fraud at smaller

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Abusive Lending Practices by Smaller Banks and Thrifts

Download this information as a PDF. Provided by the Consumer Federation of America Over the years, many smaller banks and thrifts have adopted responsible, fair and sustainable mortgage lending practices. Small banks and thrifts that offer trustworthy credit and payment products should face a lower

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CNN: Are ‘Too Big To Fail’ Powers Just Too Big?

By Jennifer Liberto.  Excerpt: WASHINGTON ( — As Congress starts debating how to deal with financial firms deemed “too big too fail,” some lawmakers and advocates are worried about giving the executive branch expansive new powers over the financial sector. “Mr. Secretary, I’m not a

TIME: What’s Still Wrong with Wall Street

Are you furious? If not, you should be. The giant financial institutions that make up Wall Street have been bailed out, thanks to trillions of dollars of our money, and are on track to hand out record-breaking multibillion-dollar bonuses while millions of regular folks are

All Tricks, No Treats

The banks are going door-to-door but only handing out tricks — no treats. Banks are spending MILLIONS to defeat good financial reform that would prevent a future meltdown and help everyday people.  Enough is Enough!

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DC Premiere: American Casino

American Casino will take you for a spin around Wall Street’s roulette wheel for an inside look at exactly how big money’s shell game worked, and how it crashed. Join with other like minded individuals and community organizations who are demanding that congress change the