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SEC Building

Letters to Regulators: Letter to the SEC in Response to Request for Comment on Certain Information Providers Acting as Investment Advisors

AFREF sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission supporting its proposal to treat index providers as investment advisers given the many traits of index providers that resemble investment advice.

Such proposals are necessary as index funds have grown to become a multi-trillion dollar industry but one whose decisions to include or exclude issuers from the indices, and which many fund managers must closely follow, remain opaque and feature a number of conflicts-of-interest. 

SEC Building

Letters to Regulators: Letter to the SEC Commenting on Listing Standards for Recovery of Erroneously Awarded Compensation

AFREF submitted a comment letter in support of the SEC’s proposed rule on clawbacks of erroneously-awarded executive compensation. Once finalized, the rule will signify the long-overdue implementation of a Dodd-Frank provision that sought to improve incentives for honest and transparent corporate governance by creating a mechanism for the clawing back of compensation awarded based on inaccurate financial statements. AFREF submitted a comment in support of the proposed rule in 2015, and submitted this additional comment to answer questions raised by the Commission upon reopening the comment period