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Letters to Regulators: Letter From 29 Signers to the SEC on Passing Strong Final Rules on Private Fund Advisers to Protect Investors and the Financial System

AFREF led a letter with 29 signers to the Securities and Exchange Commission reiterating the important need to pass a strong set of final rules related to requiring private fund advisers to disclose a complete breakdown of fees/expenses, assumptions used to calculate returns, and the existence of side letters to investors.

The letter is also urging the SEC to finalize a strong set of rules related to requiring private fund advisers over a certain size to report more detailed information about their holdings confidentially to the SEC so that the SEC and other financial regulatory agencies have much greater insight into the risks in the $21 trillion private fund space where there is currently little visibility in order to better safeguard the financial system.

News Release: EPA’s Initial Guidance on $27 Billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will Provide Health, Economic, and Wealth-Building Benefits to Communities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its initial program design guidance for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GHGRF or “fund”). This key environmental justice and climate provision of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will help provide direct investment toward climate mitigation and resilience projects in communities across the country.

In The News: Stablecoins Are Not Worth the Risk (CoinDesk)

For the crypto wealthy, hope springs eternal but the rest of us should be very skeptical. Even after the collapse of many crypto companies erased the industry’s credibility along with a lot of fake and real money, the Republican House of Representatives majority wants to dole out favors for stablecoin issuers, the supposedly durable crypto asset.

Letters to Regulators: Letter to ED on IDR Proposed Rulemaking

AFREF joined a letter to the Dept. of Education applauding the Department for the significant positive impact its proposed changes to the IDR rules could have on student loan borrowers.  The proposed rule has the ability to substantially reduce monthly and lifetime payments for millions of borrowers, raise the threshold for protected non-discretionary income, lower the share of discretionary income borrowers have to pay, waive unpaid interest, and decrease time to cancellation.

In The News: BankThink OCC has identified the problem with big banks. Now it should act (American Banker)

“When the top regulator of the biggest American banks describes the problems that he regularly encounters with them and announces a process for downsizing or even breaking them up, there is reason for optimism. But there is cause for pessimism, too, since that regulator’s agency is historically Wall Street’s biggest friend in Washington” wrote Sarah Pray, managing director for policy at Americans for Financial Reform.

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Letters to Regulators: SEC Climate Disclosure – New Developments February 2023

We are writing on behalf of Public Citizen, Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund, and Sierra Club to supplement the information provided in previous comments we submitted. The purpose of this letter is to highlight a number of recent developments that further strengthen the rationale for the proposed rule.

As explained in our attached summary of developments related to climate-related financial risk, dramatic changes ushered in by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and global market trends more generally, are accelerating a rapid transformation in the investment landscape.