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Testimony: AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley Testifies to HFSC On Deregulatory Bills

AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley testified to the Financial Institutions subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee on five pieces of proposed legislation. Written Testimony: Marcus Stanley Testimony To House Financial Services FI Subcommittee December 7 2017 FINAL The full hearing is available here:

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AFR Policy Director, Marcus Stanley, Testimony Before Small Business Committee

“Today’s hearing asks us to consider the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on small banks. I want to make two broad points. First, community banks face economic headwinds that are unrelated to Dodd-Frank, connected both to long-term trends and to the effects of the financial crisis itself. Second, the big picture is that community banks have returned to profitability under Dodd-Frank. In 2015, over 95% of community banks earned a profit – up from just 78% in 2010, the year Dodd-Frank was passed.”

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AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley Argues for Smaller, Simpler Finance at Industry Event

AFR Policy Director Marcus Stanley participates in debate on ‘Smaller, Simpler Banks’ with Rodgin Cohen (Chair of Sullivan and Cromwell), John Dugan (former Comptroller of the Currency), and Randall Kroszner (University of Chicago; former Governor on the Federal Reserve Board). The debate was sponsored by the International Institute of Finance. As the only public interest representative at the debate, Dr. Stanley defending the need for simplifying and shrinking big banks.