News Release: Voting Record Highlights Lawmaker Stands on Financial Reform in 117th Congress


January 30, 2023

Carter Dougherty
(202) 251-6700

Voting Record Highlights Lawmaker Stands on Financial Reform in 117th Congress  

Americans for Financial Reform released a report providing a snapshot of how every member of Congress voted on consumer protections, climate financial regulation, Wall Street, and financial industry legislative measures during the 117th Congress. 

The report includes a selection of votes on legislation and on confirmations of President Biden’s nominees to positions central to financial regulation and Wall Street accountability. 

“The votes compiled in this report are record of where Members of the 117th Congress stand on an important set of issues related to the financial reforms long needed to protect consumers from financial abuses, such as excessive overdraft fees, to narrow the racial homeownership gap and to continue to incorporate measures of climate change risk into financial regulation,” said Oscar Valdés Viera, research manager at Americans for Financial Reform. “Together, these votes show when lawmakers strove to protect the public and the integrity of the financial system, versus when they chose to prioritize the power and wealth of Wall Street tycoons.”

The report, entitled “How Members of the 117th Congress Voted on Taming Wall Street and Protecting Consumers,” lays out how lawmakers voted on legislation and nominees. The report is supplemented by appendices tabulating the votes on the House Floor, in the House Financial Services Committee, and in the Senate.