ABC News San Francisco: East Bay Priest Fights Foreclosure Crisis

This week’s bonus actions are making the airwaves.  Folks around the country are turning up to protest the huge bonuses going to top executives at the banks which sank our economy and are fighting hard against financial reform.  This story from ABC News is an example.

Here’s an excerpt:

Of the thousand families that belong to his church, Father Rein says a couple dozen have been forced out of their homes and dozens more are facing foreclosure.

“They would get the documentation that they needed, and then they would go to the bank and the bank would say, ‘Well, we can’t find your documents. Your documents are missing, your documents have been misplaced, we never received your documents,’ and the very next day they’d get an eviction notice,” he said.

So Rien is pulling the $100,000 his church has deposited at Bank of America and he’s moving it across the street to Bank of the West.

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