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AFR Statement: Oppose Effort to Roll Back CFPB Rule Banning Forced Arbitration
July 20, 2017 – 12:12 pm

Rolling back CFPB rule banning forced arbitration would be a giveaway to Wells Fargo and predatory lenders. Lawmakers should oppose this cynical effort.

AFR Statement: CFPB Right to Act Against Forced Arbitration
July 10, 2017 – 3:55 pm

CFPB issued a final regulation ensuring that consumers can join together to challenge financial fraud and scams in court. The rule limits the use of forced arbitration, a process Wall Street banks and predatory lenders use to evade accountability and keep their misconduct out of the public eye.

AFR Statement: AFR Applauds Resolution of Class-Action Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo
March 29, 2017 – 8:39 am

Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform applaud the announcement of a proposed $110 million settlement for consumers harmed by the bank’s fraudulent account scheme in multiple class-action lawsuits against Wells Fargo.

Statement: AFR delivers 75,000+ petition signatures telling Wells Fargo to claw back bonuses
September 27, 2016 – 1:42 pm

Today, Americans for Financial Reform delivered a petition with more than 75,000 signatures calling on Wells Fargo to claw back the compensation of both its CEO John Stumpf and the executive directly responsible for the unit engaged in massive fraud.

AFR Statement: Wells Fargo Called to Account for Abusing Customers’ Rights
September 9, 2016 – 11:42 am

“As the consent orders highlight, Wells Fargo’s egregious violations of consumers’ rights were fueled by sales quotas imposed on front-line bank workers. These settlements underline the importance of strong consumer protection enforcement from federal and local regulators. They highlight the particular importance of attention to bank compensation practices, including the need to make sure banks are not pushing their employees to harm consumers and break the law by requiring them to meet otherwise unattainable sales goals.”

Protesting for Financial Reform in Denver
April 30, 2010 – 3:46 pm
Protesting for Financial Reform in Denver

Activists in Denver, CO joined in with nationwide protests in support of financial reform yesterday.  Here’s a report on their actions from the Denver Daily News:
A coalition of protesters — several dressed in hazmat gear …

Concerned Consumers Rally in San Francisco
April 29, 2010 – 10:20 am

Yesterday, several hundred protesters took to the streets of San Francisco and rallied in front of Wells Fargo headquarters during their annual shareholders meeting.  The event attracted many press outlets, and served to crank up …

Iowa has a message for big banks
January 27, 2010 – 11:32 am

NPA affiliate Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement held a “Showdown in Des Moines” on Tuesday:
Wells Fargo just announced record-breaking profits, we expect another big bonus year while the rest of us face cuts.  Hundreds of …