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Letter to Congress: Oppose Kranbuhl Nomination at Treasury

His career is marred by a record of supporting dangerous deregulatory policies that have left our financial system ill equipped to face the economic challenges it is now confronted by. This includes efforts to weaken the Volcker rule that will further damage the resiliency of major financial institutions and a housing policy that treats market deregulation as the solution to our nation’s housing affordability crisis.

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AFR Statement: Treasury Report on Systemic Risk Designation of Large Non-Banks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov. 20, 2017 CONTACT Carter Dougherty carter@ourfinancialsecurity.org (202) 251-6700 Treasury Memorandum Weakens Systemic Risk Supervision On Friday the Treasury Department released a memorandum on the process used by the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) to designate large systemically significant non-bank financial institutions

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AFR in the News: A Practical Populist Wins High Praise at Treasury (CQ)

“One area where [Treasury Deputy Secretary Sarah Bloom] Raskin has flexed her muscles is in a new drive to restrict executive compensation at the biggest banks… [T]he Dodd-Frank Act required federal regulators to prohibit pay packaged to bank executives that encouraged inappropriate risk-taking… The matter has been revived in recent months, in part because Raskin has made it a priority, pushing it with Lew and the President himself…”

“We’re very pleased that regulators seem to be returning to the drawing board and thinking about a rule that might actually have some impact,” says Lisa Donner, executive director of the liberal Americans for Financial Reform, adding that Raskin has been a “champion” on the issue.