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News Release: Statement on SEC Approval of Reg BI
June 5, 2019 – 12:10 pm

Today, the SEC finalized a rule that will allow financial professionals to claim they are required to act in investors’ best interests. But “Regulation Best Interest” falls far short of what ordinary investors need to ensure they don’t fall prey to self-interested advice.

News Release: Statement On SEC Auditing Decision
May 9, 2019 – 11:32 am

Everyone who lived through the ENRON debacle, the 2008 financial crisis, or high school math class knows that when it comes to complex calculations, it’s good practice to have someone else check your work to confirm that you got it right.

AFR Statement: CFP Board To Be Commended for New Standards of Conduct
March 29, 2018 – 8:00 am

The regulators must act on the same principles in approaching fiduciary rulemakings; anything less leaves investors vulnerable to losing billions of dollars a year to ‘advisors’ who pitch investments that produce greater returns for themselves, but leave the clients earning less.