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The Conference Committee

A House and Senate Conference Committee met in June 2010 to hammer out the differences between their versions of financial reform bill.  On June 29, they issued their final report which was subsequently passed by both chambers and signed into law by President Obama. Below

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The Fight for Financial Reform

During 2009 and 2010, AFR fought for the strongest possible law to protect consumers, businesses and taxpayers from another financial collapse.  A final bill called the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” became law on July 21, 2010.  Read our statement on its

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Pocono Record: Jim Hightower on Outrageous Bank Fees

Jim Hightower:  Bank fees are more outrageous than ever before Excerpt: How’s this for gratitude? Wall Street bankers, whom we’ve propped up with a $12 trillion bailout, are quietly slipping offensive little notes into your and my monthly credit card bills and bank statements. The

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Incentives and Fair Compensation

By Bill Ragen, SEIU An incentive system similar to one at the top is at work at the street level of the biggest banks. In the tens of thousands of bank branches and call centers of our biggest banks, employees-including bank tellers earning an average

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Protecting Whistleblowers

Angela Canterbury Public Citizen We would have had more warning of the collapse of Wall Street and the subsequent economy crisis if there had been more protections and avenues for disclosure for employees willing to raise concerns.  Whistleblowers are critical to combating fraud, gross mismanagement,

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In the News: Banks Fall Short on Mortgage Help

Banks Fall Short on Mortgage Help Govt. Report Shows 15 Percent of Eligible Borrowers Offered Help; Bank of America, Wells Fargo Lag Behind Other Big Banks By MATTHEW JAFFE and ALICE GOMSTYNAugust 4, 2009 Fewer than one in five homeowners eligible for the Obama administration’s

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Taking down dirty lenders

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran this excellent opinion piece on August 3.  Here’s an excerpt: Credit card and mortgage consumers need help to level the playing field. By Adam Benforado The $3-trillion-a-year consumer financial-services industry wants you to play a game with them, one on one.