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Trump Seeks Review of Dodd-Frank Provisions on Systemic Risk
Bloomberg, 4/24/17

Trump Vows to Unveil Tax Plan
NY Times, 4/23/17

Trump Sets U.S. Tax Reform Announcement, Orders Tax Rule Review
PPP Focus, 4/23/17

Trump eyes changes to Obama’s tax and Wall Street rules
St Augustine.com, 4/23/17

Trump to Sign Actions on Taxes, Wall Stret Regulations
PPP Focus, 4/22/17

GOP Plan to Erase Wall Street Rules is More Generous Than Even Banks Asked For
Washington Post, 4/21/17

House GOP bill would give Trump greater power over Wall Street regulation
CNN Money, 4/19/17

Fighting Financial Abuse in the Trump Era
Huffington Post, 4/18/17

Revised GOP Bill Would Destroy the CFPB
LA Times 4/18/17

DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of April 18, 2017
Investopedia, 4/18/17

‘Retirement Ripoff Counter’ shows impact of rule delay
Pensions & Investments, 4/17/17

Betsy DeVos Is Rolling Back Student Loan Regulations From the Obama Administration
Teen Vogue, 4/12/17

Betsy DeVos rescinds protections for student loan borrowers
Think Progress, 4/12/17

Education Secretary DeVos Withdraws Protections For Student Loan Borrowers
Consumeristt, 4/12/17

DeVos Just Put Interests of ‘Predatory Profiteers’ Over Student Loan Borrowers
Common Dreams, 4/12/17

Betsy DeVos reverses Obama-era directives aimed at protecting student loan borrowers
Market Watch, 4/12/17

DeVos dials back consumer protections for student loan borrowers
Washington Post, 4/11/17

New Report Shows Victims of Aggressive Tactics From Medical Debt Collectors
U.S. PIRG, 4/11/17

JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon knows what the problems are
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/10/17

Fiduciary-Rule Delay Sparks Frustration
Barron’s, 4/7/17

Fiduciary rule’s delay triggers new headaches for firms
Financial Planning, 4/7/17

Labor Department staff has ‘fiduciary’ rule foes seething over delay
Politico, 4/6/17

‘Retirement Rip-Off Counter’ underscores impact of Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule delay
Investment News, 4/6/17

’Ripoff’ Counter Counters Fiduciary Regulation Delay
ASPPA, 4/6/17

Trump’s fiduciary delay will cost retirees $2.8B, critics say
The Hill, 4/5/17

Dems blast delay of financial adviser rule | Senators spar over FDA pick’s business ties
The Hill, 4/5/17

DOL Officially Delays Fiduciary Rule by at Least 60 Days
Financial Advisor, 4/5/17

Consumer Groups Vow to Continue Fighting for Fiduciary Rule
Plan Adviser, 4/5/17

The One Retirement Rule Wall Street Hates The Most
Forbes, 4/5/17

DOL Fiduciary Rule Foes Say Delay Falls Short of Trump Order
ThinkAdvisor , 4/5/17

Fiduciary advocates strike back after rule delay
Financial Planning, 4/5/17

Consumer Groups Plan to Bring National Attention to Fiduciary Rule
Plansponsor, 4/5/17

Elizabeth Warren to Unveil “Retirement Ripoff Counter”
Wealth Management, 4/4/17

Consumer Groups, Legal Scholars, Lawmakers Show Support For CFPB
Pymnts, 4/3/17

Don’t Let Financial Scammers Tear Down the CFPB
Demos, 3/31/17

What Wells Fargo dodged by agreeing to pay $110 million to settle fake accounts case
Washington Post, 3/30/17

Paying $110 million might keep Wells Fargo out of dispute
The Gazette, 3/30/17

Wells Fargo to pay $110 million to settle fake account suit
USA Today, 3/29/17

Banks push to redo reform
Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise, 3/26/17

Embattled bankers embrace Trump’s call for deregulation: ‘Profit is not a four-letter word.’
Washington Post, 3/24/17

Trump Literally Nominated the Goldman Sachs Bailout Lawyer to Run the SEC
Huffington Post, 3/22/17

Can Chuck Shumer Check Donald Trump?
The New Yorker, 3/21/17

Trump Admin Calls CFPB Structure Unconstitutional in Filing
Washington Post, 3/17/17

Trump and Warren are on a Collision Course
New Republic, 3/16/17

U.S. Agency Invites Fintech Firms Into Special Bank Charter
Bloomberg, 3/15/17

Wells Fargo Executives Were Awarded More Money in 2016 Despite Scandal
Charlotte Observer, 3/15/17

Fairness in Class Action Act threatens Civil Justice
ClassAction.com, 3/14/17

Trump’s choice for SEC could be busy with recusals
CBS MoneyWatch, 3/10/17

Banks, consumer groups agree: Screen scraping needs better regs
Information Management, 3/10/17

Inside Trumps meeting with community bankers
American Banker, 3/9/17

SEC nominee reveals possible Wall Street conflicts
AP, 3/9/17

Wall Street, financial firms top $2 billion in 2016 election cycle spending
Pensions & Investments, 3/9/17

Wall Street spent a record $2bn trying to influence US elections – report
RT, 3/9/17

‘The Americans’ is now more vital than ever in Season 5
Mashable, 3/8/17

Wall Street spends record $2bn on US election lobbying
Financial Times, 3/8/17

Fairness in Class Action Act Threatens Civil Justice
ClassAction.com, 3/8/17

Chuck Schumer, 2 GOP presidential hopefuls top list of Wall Street political donations
Mic, 3/8/17

Banks spent record amounts on lobbying in recent election
Reuters, 3/8/17

Wall Street Spent $2 Billion Trying to Influence the 2016 Election
Fortune, 3/8/17

Wall Street Spent $2 Billion on Election 2016
The Street, 3/8/17

Banks spent record amounts on lobbying in recent election
KFGO, 3/8/17

Wall Street’s big bucks in 2016
Politico, 3/8/17

Wall Street hizo inversiones récord en elecciones de EE.UU.
El Cronista, 3/8/17

Democrats seek arbitration release for Wells Fargo customers
Compliance Week, 3/8/17

‘The Americans’ is now more vital than ever in Season 5
Mashable, 3/7/17

Most Americans say they don’t have a clue about this federal agency
Market Watch, 3/3/17

Labor Department Propoes Delay of Retirement Advisor Rule Until June to Conduct Trump Order Review
LA Times, 3/1/17

Labor Department Proposes 60-Day Fiduciary Rule Implementation
Morning Consult, 3/1/17

Trump Delays Obama Rule Designed to Aid Retirement Investors
Herald Net, 3/1/17

The problem With Trump’s Plan to Boost Wall Street: Banks are More Profitable Than Ever
Washington Post, 3/1/17

FDIC report undercuts claim that Dodd-Frank harms bank lending
Politico, 3/1/17

Labor Department proposes delay of retirement advisor rule
LA Times, 3/1/17

Banks spent record amounts on political influence
Newsweek, 3/1/17

Lawmakers want to gut a consumer watchdog. Americans want them to leave it alone
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/26/17

Preemptive Defense Mounts For Consumer Watchdog Director Richard Cordray
Washington Post, 2/24/17

Trump Believes Consumer-Watchdog Agency ‘Unaccountable’
Wall St Journal, 2/17/17

CFPB, Cordray Win Second Chance to Avoid Trump Firing
Bloomberg, 2/16/17

Federal appeals court agrees to rehear challenge to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Consumer Affairs, 2/16/17

Republicans Launch Bicameral Salvos Against Wall Street Watchdog
Common Dreams, 2/15/17

If Trump Defangs Consumer Watchdog Agency, Big Banks Win, You Lose
Nj.com, 2/16/17

Chicago consumers, communities, could be affected by financial regulation rollback
Columbia Chronicle, 2/13/17

Hensarling’s Offensive on Dodd-Frank Seen as Negotiating Move
Roll Call, 2/13/17

Ohio senators split votes on Trump pick to lead Treasury
Dayton Daily News , 2/13/17

Chicago consumers, communities could be affected by financial regulation rollback
Columbia Chronicle, 2/13/17

Chicago consumers, communities could be affected by financial regulation rollback
Columbia Chronicle, 2/13/17

Trump’s war on Dodd-Frank, the act that prevents another global financial crisis
Sydney Morning Herald, 2/10/17

Morning Money- On the Hensarling Memo
CNN, 2/10/17

Consumer Watchdog Faces Attack by House Republicans
NY Times, 2/9/17

Agency That Protects Consumers From Financial Scammers in Trouble with Trump
Dallas News, 2/9/17

Time to Calll Off Attack Dogs and Let the Fiduciary Rule Take Effect
Consumer Affairs, 2/9/17

Consumer Bureau Foe Maps Out a Plan for Its Destruction
Government Executive, 2/9/17

How President Trump Could Gut America’s Consumer Watchdog
CNBC, 2/8/17

Court Denies Motions to Intervene in CFPB case
Financial Regulation News, 2/8/17

Maine Robo-Signing Scandal Resurfaces with Treasury Nomination
Portland Press Herald, 2/6/17

How Trump’s Actions Will Derail Your Retirement
Forbes, 2/6/17

Trump’s Allies Building Case to Oust Consumer Protection Head
Politico, 2/6/17

Appeals Court Denies Efforts to Defend CFPB in PHH Case
Pay Before, 2/6/17

El capitalismo de casino vuelve con Trumpo
el Periodico Internacional, 2/3/17

Barney Frank Dismisses Trump Executive Order
M Report, 2/3/17

Trumps Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations
NY Times, 2/3/17

Trump orders Dodd-Frank review in effort to roll back financial regulation
The Guardian, 2/3/17

Dodd-Frank Financial Regulations Watered Down as Trump Signs Executive Order
NBC, 2/3/17

‘Personnel is Policy’: Meet Trump’s Team of the Corrupt and Unqualified
Rewire, 2/3/17

Court Won’t Let CFPB Proponents Case to Defend Agency
National Law Journal, 2/2/17

How the Banks and Republicans Plan to Kill Financial Reform Under Trump
Slate, 2/1/17

Consumer groups: Protect Robocall Limits on Student Debt
The Hill, 2/01/17

Trump pledges to ‘do a big number’ on Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform
CNN, 1/30/17

What will the (securities) rules look like?
The Legal Intelligencer, 1/30/17

Donald Trump Is Targeting an Agency That Has Recovered $11.8 Billion for Consumers
Fortune, 1/27/17

Democratic lawmakers, consumer advocacy groups seek to intervene in PHH appeal
JD Supra, 1/27/17

Sen. Brown, Rep. Waters move to defend CFPB in D.C. Circuit appeal
Reuters, 1/26/17

Democrats are spoiling for a fight over the CFPB
American Banker, 1/26/17

Top Democrats, Advocacy Groups Join Defense of CFPB in DC Circuit
National Law Journal 1/26/17

Top Dem Lawmakers Seek To Back CFPB In Leadership Case
Law 360 1/26/17

Consumer groups file motion supporting CFPB in court battle
Consumer Affairs  1/26/17

Consumer Advocates, 17 States Will Defend CFPB In Court
The Consumerist 1/26/17

Treasury Nominee Is a Foreclosure King, a System Rigger, and a Disaster Profiteer
AFR Blog, 1/23/17

Four Ways to Protect Yourself From Bad Retirement Advice in the Trump Era
Forbes, 1/23/17

Investment advice? Or sales pitch? New rule will make that clear
Chicago Tribune, 1/20/17

Consumer Group Blasts Brokerages
Barron’s, 1/20/18

Trusted Adviser or Just Another Salesperson? Brokers Want It Both Ways
The Street, 1/19/17

Report Says Top Financial Firms Mislead Consumers, “Posing as Fiduciaries”
CPA, 1/19/17

As Trump takes power, fiduciary advocates renew defense of rule
Financial Planning, 1/10/17

Banks have big hopes for Trump, Obama’s Squatters may get in way
Bloomberg, 1/18/17

Why we need a strong CFPB, in 5 Numbers
Center for American Progress, 1/18/17

Here’s why you may not trust your financial advisor
CNBC, 1/18/17

Advisor or Salesperson? B-D’s Send Contradicting Messages
Financial Advisor, 1/18/17

As Trump takes power, fiduciary advocates renew defense of rule
Financial Planning, 1/10/17

Banks have big hopes for Trump, Obama’s Squatters may get in way
Bloomberg, 1/18/17

Why we need a strong CFPB, in 5 Numbers
Center for American Progress, 1/18/17

You’re either an advisor or salesperson
Insurance Business, 1/20/17

‘The swamp is Goldman Sachs
The Guardian, 1/18/17

Cuomo Proposed New Wall Street Regulation, but left it out of Speech
Gotham Gazette 1/13/17

Warren outlines plan to save the CFPB
American Banker 1/11/17

Trump Appoints CFPB Critic, Warren Rallies for Support of Agency
CU Times 1/12/17

CFPB Taps Former Pentagon Legal Official To Head Office Of Servicemember Affairs  ConnPIRG 1/10/17

Wall Street hates the Volcker Rule, Will Trump Kill it?
CNN Money 1/9/17

Pro-Regulation Advocates Have Polling on their Side in GOP battles
Who.What.Why 12/28/16

The Rocky Road Ahead for the CFPB in 2017
National Mortgage News 12/27/16

No One Has Been Fired by the President for Cause. Richard Cordray Should Not be the First
ACSBlog, 12/21/16

CFPB Stops Payday lender from deceiving customers
AFR 12/21/16

Goldman’s Cohn in frame for Trump economic role
Financial Times, 12/9/16

Bill Bolsters Legal Efforts of Wells Fargo Fraud Victims
TechNewsWorld, 12/8/16

10 Consumer Groups File Brief in Case on CFPB Constitutionality
Inside ARM, 12/8/16

Fiduciary Rule Harming Investors Via ‘Orphaned’ 401ks, says ICI’s Blass
Think Advisor, 12/8/16

Panelists at Consumer Advocacy Conference Discuss Election Implications
Inside ARM, 12/5/16

You Can’t Sue Wells Fargo for Fraud—Unless This New Bill Goes Through
Money Magazine, 12/2/16

Mnuchin Pick May Signal Moderate Approach to Wall St. Reform
American Banker, 11/29/16

Steven Mnuchin Is More Pragmatist Than Ideologue
NY Times, 11/30/16

Trump Treasury pick vows to curtail Wall Street regulations
Washington Post, 11/30/2016

21 Democratic Lawmakers Urge DC Circuit to Keep CFPB’s Single-Director Structure
National Law Journal, 11/30/2016

How to Kill the Volcker Rule? Don’t Enforce It
Wall St. Journal, 11/28/2016

Trump’s Advisor On Wall Street Regulations Is A Longtime Swamp-Dweller
MintPress News, 11/28/2016

With Treasury candidate come possible conflicts
The Washington Post, 11/17/2016

Credit Card Companies Want You to Give Up Your Right to Sue Them. Here’s How to Opt Out  Time, 11/14/2016

How Letting Bankers Off the Hook May Have Tipped the Election
New York Times, 11/11/2016

Here’s exactly how Donald Trump could hurt the middle class — and how to fight back
Mic, 11/11/2016

Trump’s Treasury hopefuls steeped in Wall Street experience
Courier-Tribune, 11/11/2016

Will Trump put down Elizabeth Warren’s consumer watchdog?
CBS News, 11/11/2016

Trump’s victory sparks bankers’ hopes for new deal
Politico, 11/10/2016

One man’s $100,000 journey through arbitration
CBS News, 11/7/2016

Wall Street Spends $2.3 Million a Day to Stall Financial Reforms
Truthout, 11/3/2016

Hedge Fund Political Donations at Highest Levels Ever
Investopedia, 10/28/2016

New federal rules could make it easier to have student loans forgiven
Washington Post, 10/28/2016

U.S. Court of Appeals Reaches Erroneous Conclusion in PHH Challenge to CFPB

CFPB Now Must Justify Cost of Its Rules
Investopedia, 10/27/2016

Wall Street spending sets new record in presidential campaign
Marketplace (NPR), 10/26/2016

Hedge Funds Are Spending More Money than Ever to Influence Elections – but not on Trump
Fortune, 10/26/2016

Finance industry has given almost $800 million to candidates
Washington Examiner, 10/25/2016

Financial Sector Political Spending Tops $1.4 Billion – $2.3 million a day; Renaissance, Elliott Top List
Value Walk, 10/25/2016

The new rule that could save the US from billions in bailouts
Quartz.com, 10/24/2016

Payday-lending crackdown draws 1.4 million letters of protest
Politico, 10/18/2016

Hensarling questions CFPB rulemaking after court decision
The Hill, 10/19/2016

Bankers, Regulators Find No Easy Answers at Bank Culture Workshop
Wall St. Journal, 10/20/2016

Hensarling seeks assurance of CFPB compliance with limits on executive agencies
JD Supra Business Advisor (Alan Kaplinsky), 10/21/2016

U.S. Court of Appeals Reaches Erroneous Conclusion in PHH Challenge to CFPB
Value Walk, 10/12/2016

Federal Appeals Court Rules the Structure of the CFPB Is Unconstitutional
Washington Post, 10/11/2016

Court: Consumer bureau’s structure is unconstitutional
The Hill, 10/11/2016

Elizabeth Warren’s Wall Street Watchdog Ruled Unconstitutional in Current Form
Huffington Post, 10/11/2016

CFPB structure ruled unconstitutional
Bankrate, 10/11/2016

Judges Say Bureau Structure ‘Unconstitutional’
MortgageOrb, 10/11/2016

US markets braced for trading tax grab from Democrats
Financial Times, 10/10/2016

Dueling Payday-Lending Campaigns Deluge CFPB with Comments
Wall St. Journal, 10/10/16

Google Said It Would Ban All Payday Loan Ads. It Didn’t.
The Intercept 10/7/16

Dueling Payday-Lending Campaigns Deluge CFPB with Comments
Wall St. Journal, 10/10/16

Google Said It Would Ban All Payday Loan Ads. It Didn’t.
The Intercept 10/7/16

CFPB Pushback on Wells Fargo
Politico Morning Money 10/6/16

Rep. Garrett Held Fundraiser with Official from ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Group
Bloomberg 10/6/16

CFPB Deluged with Letters on Payday Lending Plan
American Banker 10/5/16

Industry, Advocates Scramble for Last Word on Payday Lending
Morning Consult 10/5/16

Payday critics cry foul on pro-industry comments to agency
Washington Examiner 10/5/16

Elizabeth Warren Slams Pat Toomey
Huffington Post 10/3/16

Clinton slams Wells Fargo, says she’ll fight consumer ‘gotchas’
USA TODAY 10/3/16

Scott Garrett hits the wrong target in Wells Fargo scandal
Newark Star-Ledger (editorial) 10/1/16

Sandbagging, cross-selling: Keys to Wells Fargo’s profits                                                                      People’s World (Larry Rubin & Sam Pizzigati) 9/29/16

US Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo Discusses Shadow Banking Regulation              Lexology 9/29/16

The Fed Begins to Crack Down on Bank Ownership of Commodities                                                    AFR blog (Alexis Goldstein) 9/28/16

What Should Be Done to Stop Banks Like Wells Fargo from Scamming Us?                                        AFR blog 9/26/16

Wells Fargo scandal hurts Wall Street’s bonuses battle
Denver Post 9/17/16

Florida ITT Tech Campus Used ‘CSI Miami’ Pitch to Sign Students
NBC News 9/17/16

Wells Fargo urged to clawback bonuses over fake accounts
Financial Times 9/16/16

Payday Lenders May Face New Regulations
Los Angeles Wave, 9/15/16

Wells Fargo Execs Should Not Profit from the Company’s Misdeeds
RealBankReform (Alexis Goldstein) 9/14/16

More trouble for Wells Fargo
Washington Examiner 9/14/16

House Approves Bill Easing RIA Advertising
Financial Advisor 9/13/16

After Massive Bank Fine, Congress Considers Bill to Gut Financial Reform
RealBankReform (Alexis Goldstein) 9/12/16

Here’s what you can do when your bank opens accounts you didn’t ask for
Sacramento Bee 9/12/16

Wall Street Ramps up Attacks on Wall Street Reform
ConnPIRG (Ed Mierzwinski), 9/11/16

Critics Are Lining Up to Oppose Changes to Dodd-Frank Law
NY Times, 9/9/16

Private equity could regret scaling Capitol Hill
Reuters, 9/9/16

Legislators and Community Leaders Meet With SEC
Grass Roots Collaborative, 9/9/16

House Votes to Make Private Equity Life Easier Amid Fines
Bloomberg 9/9/16

Private Equity tries to chip away at Dodd-Frank with House bill
New York Times, 9/8/16

Everything ITT students need to know now
Denver Post, 9/8/16

ITT Tech Students Should Take Their Money And Run, Experts Say
NBCNews, 9/7/16

Students Still Have Options After ITT Tech Abruptly Closes
Washington Post, 9/7/16

Dangerous House Bill to Deregulate Private Equity Could Enable New Fraud
AFR blog, 9/6/16

Election Rhetoric and Trust
WealthManagement.com 9/1/16

An economy for everybody
Colorado Springs Independent 8/31/16

Clinton May Rely on Executive Actions More Than Obama If She Wins
Bloomberg 8/31/16

How Predatory Payday Lenders Plot to Fight Government Regulation
Vice 8/31/16

There Are Real Reasons to Bring Back Glass-Steagall
American Banker 8/26/16

Unions push Congress to curb banks, restore Glass-Steagall

People’s World 8/26/16

‘Rip-off clauses’ let Wall Street steal from consumers
The Hill 8/25/16

SEC Rule to Limit Derivatives Alarms Industry With Liquidity Concerns
Morning Consult 8/25/16

Crunch time on Wall Street rules for SEC
The Hill 8/24/16

Introducing the new sheriff of Wall Street
Financial Times 8/12/16

Financial Advisors Face Consumer Skepticism Advisor News
Insurance News 8/9/16

Opposition to Chairman Hensarling’s ‘Wrong Choice Act’ Continues to Mount
Press release, Office of Rep. Maxine Waters, 8/1/16

Sanders wants Clinton to break up big banks. Will she?
CNN Money 7/26/16

Industry Slams Exec Pay Proposal, Others Call for More
Bloomberg 7/26/16

Voters can stomach more financial regulation
Philedelphia Tribune 7/25/16

Kaine Pick Won’t Help Clinton Court Anti-Wall Street Critics
Bloomberg 7/25/16

Hillary Clinton Does Not Understand Her Own Supporters
Huffington Post 7/24/16

Are payday lenders like Tampa-based Amscot a necessary part of the banking industry?
Tampa Bay Times 7/22/16

CFPB turns 5 years old. PIRG celebrates accomplishments, warns of ongoing threats
US PIRG 7/21/16

As CFPB Hits Fifth Birthday, Not Everyone Is Celebrating
Forbes 7/20/16

Study: U.S. Financial System Imposes ‘Overcharge’ of at Least $40,000 on Every Citizen
Real News Network 7/18/16

Время вышло для Goldman и Morgan Stanley
Profinance 7/17/16

Time Short for Goldman, Morgan Stanley to Exit Billions in Funds
Bloomberg 7/15/16

Bipartisan Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Financial Regulation And The CFPB
ValueWalk 7/15/16

New U.S. bill to tax financial trading brings campaign issue to the fore
Reuters 7/14/16

Senator joins financial reform advocates on payday loan regulation
Consumer Affairs 7/14/2016

Rep. DeFazio introduces financial transaction tax
Pensions & Investments 7/13/16

Dem to offer bill to tax financial trades
The Hill 7/11/16

Justice Dept. Defends DOL Fiduciary Rule
ThinkAdvisor 7/11/16

Banks pay $178 billion in penalties, settlements since 2010
USA Today, 6/28/16

Money for Nothing: Confessions of a Payday Lender
The Intercept, 6/23/16

While Democrats Protested for Gun Control, GOP Tried to Stand Up for Financial Advisers
Slate, 6/23/16

Rep. Hensarling Shares Draft of Bill to Replace Dodd-Frank
Think Advisor, 6/23/16

Hillary Clinton’s plan to take on a big Wall Street perk
Washington Post, 6/21/16

US Home-buying: Liberal Lobby Demands Banks Go Multilingual
Slator, 6/21/16

HR 5424, “Investment Advisers Modernization Act,” a “Get Out of Madoff and Other Frauds for Free” Bill, Passes Financial Services Committee
Naked Capitalism, 6/17/16

House Panel Passes 8 Bills Including Adviser Act Reform, Crowdfunding
ThinkAdvisor, 6/16/16

Republicans cook up plan to cripple consumer agency
LA Times, 6/14/16

Obama administration issues rules to overhaul student debt forgiveness
Washington Post. 6/13/16

Banking groups urge FHFA to nix proposed language-preference question
Scotsman Guide. 6/10/16

House Panel Votes to Give SEC $1.5B in 2017; Hensarling Looks to End Dodd-Frank
ThinkAdvisor, 6/9/16

Committee Examines Dodd-Frank’s Effect on Main Street
DS News. 6/9/16

Civil rights group wants CFPB to require foreign language mortgage documents
Housingwire. 6/9/16

Trump Vows To Prey Upon New Marks For His Super-Scammy ‘University’    
So That Happened (Podcast) 06/03/16

Cautious praise offered for new rules on payday lending
Baptist Standard 6/3/16

Faith groups join push for national payday loan rules
National Catholic Reporter 6/3/16

Payday lenders, consumer advocates battle in Kansas City
Kansas City Star 6/02/16

The Big Banks Can Be Beaten
OtherWords 6/1/16

Efforts to end predatory lending lead to Kansas City
KSHB 5/31/16

Unions, allies launch ‘Take on Wall Street’
Workday Minnisota 5/31 16

A new campaign to hold Wall Street accountable emerges
Washington Post 5/30/16

Advocate Group to CFPB: Can You Help with Translation?  
National Mortgage News 5/27/16

Public Citizen Joins Elizabeth Warren in Taking on Wall Street
Sensible Safeguards, 5/27/16

New AFR Paper Calls For Fair Treatment Of Homeowners With Limited English Proficiency
ValueWalk, 5/26/16

How Bernie Sanders’ Wall Street Reform Agenda Could Survive …
International Business Times, 5/25/16

Taking on Wall Street
Huffington Post, 5/25/16

Progressives’ Challenge: Keeping Sanders’s Fire ‘Berning’ After.
Newsweek, 5/25/16

Sen. Warren Seen as Key Figure in Uniting Dems
RealClearPolitics, 5/25/16

New Coalition Aims to ‘Take On Wall Street’
The Nation, 5/25/16

Take On Wall Street Lays Out New Reform Agenda
BillMoyers.com, 5/25/16

Labor and allies launch new push to rein in Wall Street
People’s World, 5/25/16

Occupy movement has grown up – looks to inflict real pain on big banks
Washington Post­, 5/24/16

Occupy Wall Street is back — and it might actually succeed this time
Salon, 5/25/16

Labor Unions and Activists Step Up Attack on Wall Street and Big Banks
Wall Street Journal, 5/24/16

Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off Grassroots Effort To Take On Wall Street
ThinkProgress, 5/24/16

The Occupy Movement Comes of Age
Fortune, 5/24/16

New Coalition Plans to Reform Wall Street, the Big Banks
Sun Valley Chronicle, 5.24/16

Wall Street Gears Up Its Stealth Attack
Moyers & Co., 5/24/16

Senate votes to block financial adviser rule
The Hill, 5/24/16

Waters introduces credit-reporting bill
Los Angeles Sentinel, 5/25/16

HUD: Changes are Coming to Delinquent Loan Sales
DSNews, 5/16/16

GOP Plans to Replace Dodd-Frank Act
Newsmax, 5/14/16

Google Takes A Stand Against Payday Loans, Bans Ads
Forbes, 5/11/16

Google to Ban All Payday Loan Ads
NY Times, 5/12/16

Google Removing Payday Loan Ads
International Business Times, 5/11/16

Google Bans Payday Loan Ads In Search Results
Consumerist, 5/11/16

Google banning ads for payday loans
ConsumerAffairs, 5/11/16

Google classifies payday loan ads with guns, drugs and explosives
Newsweek, 5/12/16

Google to ban ads for payday loans
USA Today, 5/11/16

FCC Set to Cap Cell Phone Robo Calls for Federal Loan Collection
The Street.com, 5/11/16

Where’s my union card?
Fortune, 5/12/16

Finally, Justice for Consumers Wronged by Banks Is Within Reach
AlterNet, 5/6/16

Senate eyes change for ‘angel investors’
The Hill, 5/4/16

8 Senators urge SEC to finIsh conflicts-of-interest rule
Alexis Goldstein, RealBankReform, 5/5/16

Senate eyes change for ‘angel investors’
The Hill, 5/4/16

Bankrupt cancer survivor gets shock: $300 loan balloons into $40,000 debt in 2 years
Portland Oregonian, 5/3/16

Blocking Wall Street’s Revolving Door
Truthout, 5/3/16

Could Courts Take Down the CFPB?
Builder Magazine, 5/1/16

Are we repeating history by letting our financial sector get too big?
James Lardner, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/30/16

Labor, Consumer Groups Push CFPB to Toughen Arbitration Proposal
National Law Journal, 4/28/16

End Forced Arbitration
Amanda Werner and Sonia Gill, Politico, 4/26/16

Are we repeating history by letting our financial sector get too big?
James Lardner, Charleston, West Virginia, Gazette & Mail 4/24/16

Wall St. Regulators Propose Stricter Pay Rules for Bankers
New York Times, 4/22/16

A Report from the Lazard Shareholder Meeting in Bermuda
AFL-CIO Now, 4/22/16

As Dodd-Frank Fight Continues, the Resistance Scores Some Victories
Bloomberg, 4/21/16

Are we repeating history by letting our financial sector grow too large?
James Lardner, Washington Post, 4/20/16

Five Ways Cruz Would Likely Target the CFPB as President
American Banker, 4/20/16

‘Panama Papers’ spur calls for U.S. adviser rule on money-laundering controls
Reuters, 4/20/16

Bernie Sanders does know how to break up the banks
Politico, 4/14/16

No, Obama Didn’t Kill Too Big To Fail
Huffington Post, 4/13/16

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Watchdog Could Be in Danger
Huffington Post, 4/12/16

Feds Issue Rule to Protect Retirement Savings
WGNS and WMSR Radio (Tennessee), 4/12/16

AARP helped Obama thwart Wall Street on tougher broker rule
Bloomberg, 4/12/16

An easy case: why a Federal appeals court should reject a constitutional challenge to the CFPB
Brian Simmonds Marshall, American Constitution Society, 4/11/16

Yikes, Paul Krugman Really Doesn’t Understand Dodd-Frank
Huffington Post, 4/11/16

CFPB serves vital purpose, say advocacy groups
Mortgage Professionals of America, 4/11/16

PHH Case Poised to Test CFPB’s Constitutionality
Law360, 4/11/16

What Are The Panama Papers?
So That Happened (podcast), 4/8/16

Big Banks Use a Footnote to Look Smaller
Bloomberg, 4/8/16

Banks’ Favorite New Strategy: Footnote 151
Wall St. Journal, 4/7/16

New Rules Expose Industry War for Americans’ Retirement Assets
International Business Times, 4/6/16

Eugene Scalia: The Person to Watch On Fiduciary Rules
Financial Advisor, 4/6/16

Panama Papers Show Advisors Need Treasury’s AML Rule, Groups Argue
ThinkAdvisor, 4/4/16

Obama’s Conflict-Of-Interest Rule Could Rattle Edward Jones
International Business Times, 4/5/16

What Is Payday Lending?
U.S. PIRG, 4/4/16

The Other Woman: Elizabeth Warren and the 2016 Election
American Prospect, 3/31/16

GE says its lending unit shouldn’t face strict federal oversight
Renae Merle, Washington Post, 3/31/16

Corinthian students may have a clearer path towards debt relief
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post, 3/25/16

Education Dept to Give Debt Relief to More Corinthian Students
David Halperin, Huffington Post, 3/25/16

Coalition of Unions, Consumer Groups Press Regulators on Bank ‘Living Wills’
Ryan Tracy, Wall St. Journal, 3/22/16

Moyers: Clinton needs to call for these two top Democrats to resign — for her campaign’s sake
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Raw Story, 3/22/16

Payday loan issue divides U.S. Senate candidates Murphy and Grayson
Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times, 3/23/16

What Crisis? Big Ratings Firms Stronger Than Ever, and Profits Nearing an All-Time High
Timothy Martin, Wall St. Journal, 3/11/16          

Campaign 2016 and Wall Street Reform
Interview with Marcus Stanley, C-SPAN, 3/11/16

Bamboozled: Government robocalls closer to getting banned
Karen Price Mueller, NJ.com, 3/10/16

Democratic Debate Spotlights Wall Street-Washington Ties
Donna Borak, Wall St. Journal, 3/10/16

Progressive Coalition Asks Candidates for Wall Street Reform Plan
ValueWalk, 3/9/16

Scholars reflect back on Brandeis’s legacy
Wenli Bao, TheJustice.org, 3/8

Are Big Banks Necessary?
John Heltman, American Banker, 3/8/16

Obama Says Wall Street’s Reformed: He’s Wrong
Nik Bonopartis, Opposing Views, 3/8/16

Why Obama says bank reform is a success but Bernie Sanders says it’s a failure
Steven Mufson, Washington Post, 3/7/16

Payday loan act is a payday for somebody, I’d say
Brian O’Connor, Chicago Tribune, 3/7/16

Scholars reflect back on Brandeis’ labor legacy
Hannah Wulkan, The Justice, 3/7/16

A Proposal for a Peoples’ Cabinet
Gar Smith, Berkeley Daily Planet, 3/4/16

Fed Proposes New Rule Capping Business Between Banks
Peter Eavis, NY Times, 3/4/16

Consumer Groups Slam Bill Weakening SEC Enforcement
Financial Advisor IQ, 3/4/16

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
Daily Kos, 3/3/16

House Panel OKs SEC Forum, Risk Retention Bills
Rob Tricchinelli, Bloomberg Legal, 3/3/16

Lawmakers should try fund-raising by payday loan terms
Frank Cerabino, My Palm Beach Post, 3/3/16

WARN Act to increase whistleblower protections
Katherine Bercik, Dodd-Frank Update, 3/3/16

House Bill to Weaken SEC Enforcement Moves Ahead
Janet Levaux, ThinkAdvisor, 3/2/16

It’s Time for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Ride Off into the Sunset
Charles Pierce, Esquire, 3/2/16

The Official Head Of The Democratic Party Joins GOP Effort To Protect Payday Lenders
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress, 3/1/16

The Billionaire Banker In The Shadows
Nathan Vardi, Fortune, 3/1/16

DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren’s Agency
Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 3/1/16

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz joins hands with GOP in assault on Elizabeth Warren’s consumer protection agency
Ben Norton, Salon, 3/1/16

Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand Whistleblower Protections
Michael Cohn, Accounting Today, 2/26

Closing The Loophole That Costs People $17 Billion In Retirement Savings
Nancy LeaMond, Huffington Post, 2/26/16

Trump’s Opponents Bash Back In Their Most Desperate Hour
Jason Linkins, Huffington Post Podcast, 2/26/16

Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Protections Insufficient, Dem Legislators Introduce Upgrades
Sam Sacks, District Sentinel, 2/25/16

House Panel Considers Risk Retention, Volcker Bills
Rob Tricchinelli, Bloomberg Legal, 2/24/16

Banks blindsided by former Bush official
Zachary Warmbrodt, Politico, 2/17/16

Left Starts a Petition
Ben White, Politico, 2/16/16

Progressive And Reform Groups Press Clinton, Sanders To Name Names Who Will Challenge Wall Street
ValueWalk, 2/14/16

A 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act Is Needed
Inside Sources, 2/12/16

Ahead of debate, liberal groups challenge Clinton to list candidates for treasury secretary, attorney general
Ann Gearan, Washington Post, 2/11/16

They hurt economy, promote inequality
Jim Lardner, Philly.com, 2/10/16

There’s a newish cop on the beat as Department of Education launches enforcement unit
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post, 2/8/16

Communications Workers take on Wall Street
Mark Gruenberg, People’s World, 2/5/16

More oversight needed to curb abuse, reform industry
Jim Lardner, Orlando Sentinel, 2/4/16

CWA launches campaign to take on Wall Street
Mark Gruenberg, Workday Minnesota, 2/4/16

The Big Short’s Big Shortcomings
Peter Dreier, The Atlantic, 2/1/16 

Common sense measures can curb the abuses of industry
Jim Lardner and Michael Kink, South Coast Today, 2/1/16

January’s Best Reads: Money, Business, and Economics
Gillian White, Atlantic, 1/31/16

Elite justice for Goldman Sachs
Jim Caton, Legal Reader, 1/22/16

As Goldman settles, mortgage ‘consumer relief’ deals given mixed reviews
Andrea Riquier, MarketWatch, 1/21/16

Not much unites Democrats and Republicans. Anger at Wall Street does
David Weigel, Washington Post, 1/18/16

The State of The Union Is A Union Against Donald Trump
Jason Linkins and Christine Conetta, Huffington Post Podcast, 1/15/16

Breaking Up America’s Big Banks is Key to Averting Future Financial Crises
Scott Harris, Between the Lines, 1/13/16

Community organizations call on Lone Star Funds to stop predatory payday lending
PE Closer Look, 1/12/16

Morning Money — Marcus Stanley of Americans for Financial Reform
Ben White, Politico, 1/7/16

Should We Break Up the Big Banks?
All in With Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 1/6/16

Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Tame Wall Street Riles Team Clinton
Mary Bottari, PR Watch, 1/6/16


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