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a corporate boad room full of empty chairs - Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Take Action: Put Employees on Boards

If you want to know how to run a company better, ask employees. But America’s corporate boards aren’t asking. The Reward Work Act requires that public companies allow one-third of their board to be elected by workers, to make for healthier decision-making.

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News Release: Bank Workers, Members of Congress, Consumers, And Community Advocates Will hold Rally And Press Conference Addressing Persistent Predatory And Anti-Worker Practices

Wells Fargo workers have long demanded better protection, including a union, as well as a genuine seat at the table to help ensure the bank’s dangerous practices are kept in check. On the day of the hearing, workers will also deliver a petition to Sloan calling on him to meet with front-line workers to address the toxic, high-pressure environment that still exists for thousands of Wells Fargo employees.

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Take Action: Don’t let brokers rip off their clients

Every year, American savers lose up to $40 billion because brokers give them bad advice. In spite of this, SEC Chair Jay Clayton has proposed new rules that won’t stop conflicts of interests that lead brokers to rip off their clients. The SEC should protect small investors, not give away the store to Wall Street.