CA Homeowners Call for Moratorium on All Foreclosures

October 5, 2010                                                                 Peter Kuhns (213) 272-1141

Homeowners Denounce Foreclosure Fraud &

Call for Moratorium on All Foreclosures

Urge Fellow Homeowners to Resist Evictions

Until Banks Prove they Are Complying with All Relevant Foreclosure Laws

On Wednesday, fed up homeowners throughout the state of California are coming together to announce the formation of the Home Defenders League.   Californians that want to defend their homes from potential unlawful repossession by the banks should visit the Home Defenders League website at or call 1-877-633-9251 (website and phone number go live at press time)


WHO:            Fed-up homeowners in danger of foreclosure

WHAT:         Announce formation of Home Defenders League and Tools to Resist Unfair Evictions

WHERE:       Home of San Fernando Valley Homeowner David Krapes, 7532 Chimineas Ave., Reseda 91335

WHEN:          Wednesday, October 6; 12:00 p.m.


“I am playing by the rules and fighting every day to protect my family and keep my home,” said homeowner and Wells Fargo borrower Frank De Caro, a new Home Defender, “and now I learn that my bank is cutting corners and breaking the law to throw people like me out into the street?  Enough is enough!  That’s why we are forming the Home Defender’s League”


Background: In the wake of banks admitting to illegal foreclosures on potentially millions of families across the nation, homeowners throughout California are coming together to resist further illegal action by the banks.  We are putting a call out to all at-risk homeowners to join the Home Defenders League by visiting our website at or calling 1-877-633-9251

The Home Defenders League is giving homeowners 3 first steps to defending their homes:

1.      Write a letter (downloadable from our website) to their mortgage holder demanding that they produce the mortgage note and comply with California law requiring a meeting with the homeowner to discuss a potential loan modification

2.      Call or email Governor Schwarzenegger and ask him to take action by halting all foreclosures in California

3.      Sign up for our next Home Defenders League workshop in your community and learn about the rules of the game and effective strategies to resist the illegal foreclosure of your home


Governors such as Martin O’Malley of Maryland and AGs such as Gregg Abbott (Texas) and Martha Coakley (Massachusetts) have publically declared their support for a moratorium on foreclosures.

Governor Schwarzenegger recently vetoed SB1178, which would have provided debt protection for consumers who have refinanced their original mortgage loans.